Team Building

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Various team building activities.




Ball Toss

This activity is best for a larger number of children, usually at least 12. You will need several balls. For this activity, you will need all of the children to stand in a circle. Then the game begins with one ball. The starting kid throws the ball to the person directly across from them. That student then throws the ball to the person who is to the left of the starter. Each person continues in this pattern until everyone has touched the ball. Now it is time to add another ball to the mix. Then if they are successful, add another ball. Continue until there is chaos!

Cookie Machine

Arrange your group into two lines, with each participant in line standing shoulder to shoulder, and the lines facing each other, and about 2 feet apart.

Everyone lifts their arms out in front of them, alternating arms with people in the other line.

The first person then runs and dives on to the bed of hands. The group then “flips” the cookie by rolling the person onto their back and gently bounces and passes the person to the end of the line.

Assign an assistant to help the person off the line, so they land feet first.

Supportive Walking

Get the whole Troop in a circle facing inwards. Tie a stout rope around the outside of the YP and get them to hold the rope at waist level taking up all the slack by stepping backwards.

Pick someone (normally the lighest) and simply ask them to walk around the rope circle.

Not as easy as it seems and shows them what they can do when they all work together. If anyone doesn't play their part, makes it more difficult for the 'walker'.

Might be an idea for a leader to shadow the 'walker' in case of any slips.

Matching Lego

Give two kids identical sets of lego, and a walkie-talkie. One kid is the builder, one the copier. The builder builds something and instructs the copier how to build it.


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