Scratch Art Drawing

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Scratch off the black paint draw to your picture revealing the hidden colours beneath.
Activity can be adapted for many different times of the year (Easter, Christmas, Summer, winter etc).


ORIGINAL: Card, Wax Crayons, Black Paint, Cocktail sticks

ALTERNATIVE: pre-made scratch art cards; scratcher; hole-punch + string or ribbon for hanging. Pre-made rainbow scratch art or scratch art cards are widely available to purchase online - look for "Scratch Art Foil" or similar.


ORIGINAL: I would suggest you pre-make the scratch card before your meeting, unless you make this a 2 week activity.
To make the scratch cards, take a piece of card and cover in a thick layer of wax crayons using various designs. Once this is done, cover the whole thing in a thick layer of black paint. I would suggest doing multiple layers of black paint otherwise it takes forever to dry :-)

Once dry take a cocktail stick and scratch off the paint to create your drawing revealing the colours beneath. See picture

ALTERNATIVE: Provide every participant with a "Scratch Art Foil" card and a scratcher tool. Ask everyone to get a piece of paper and sketch out their design - explain that as you can only scratch the design ONCE, planning your design is essential.

Once the design is complete, scratch away!

For Easter: have an egg shaped "Scratch Art Foil" card. A hole punched at the 'top' of the egg + a piece of pretty ribbon would make a lovely Easter present for a parent or family member.


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