Beavers on parade

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This is a run around game designed to reinforce some of the ceremonies done in Beavers. A leader calls out a command and the Beavers must carry out the appropriate action. Think "Captains Coming". Can be turned into an elimination game if required by making the last beaver(s) to complete command sit out.




To start with alternate frequently between :
"Beavers go hunting" -Run around the room
"Beavers go to sleep" - Lie Down and pretend to go to sleep
"Beavers clean your teeth" - Make action of cleaning teeth.
"Beavers- flap your tail" - Wave hand behind bottom
"Beavers Catch a Fish" - Make the action of reeling in a fishing line
"Bear Grylls wants his breakfast" - Jump on a chair
"Scout Sign" - Make the scout sign
"Chief Scout in the building" - Do a salute
"Beavers shake hands" - go up to a beaver or leader and shake hands.

Then bring these actions in :
"Beavers to the river banks" : Form 2 lines facing one another
"Beavers Shoulder Arms" : Put right arm up to shoulder of next beaver and stand to attention shoulder width apart.
"Beavers on Parade" : March in pairs around the room
"Beavers Build a Dam" : Form a large circle
"Beavers to your lodges" : Beavers must line up in their lodge. ( Use this to end game)

Then return to running around ones above before ending with Beavers Go To Sleep and Beavers to your Lodges.


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