Make a Rain Shaker

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Make a Rain Shaker (or Rainstick) using tubes, nails, rice, pasta and duct tape!


Card board tube - the longer the tube the more rain sound you are going to get, we just used the one from the kitchen paper.
Rice and or Pasta
Nails (preferably like tile nails with a big head)(alternatively use two sheets of aluminium foil. fold each sheet into a long thin tube and spiral them together like a double helix and place in tube)
Sticky Tape


1. Get the cardboard tube and push the nails in the cardboard, randomly all around the tube. The nails don’t go right through the tube, just a bit shorter than the tube is wide to create baffles.
2. Place sticky tape over one end of the tube, you will need to either put some paper over the tape or another piece of tape the opposite way to stop the rice from sticking to the sticky tape. (If you use Crisp Tubes they come with a resealable lid)
3. Place a few handfuls of rice into the tube, also add a handful of pasta to give it a bit more sound. But if your tube is long then probably just rice would work fine.
4. Stick up the other end of the tube.


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