Travellers In Time

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Small challenges for the Beavers to do. Used for our Dr Who evening.


Old Packs of playing cards, Paper, Balls, Clocks/watches (analogue & Digital)


Dr Who is a Time Lord so he and his friends travel through time. Challenge the Beaver with the following Activities and set a time limit to each one.

1. How many hops, skips or jumps can Beavers do in the allotted time?

2. How high can Beavers build a house of cards in the allotted time?

3. Make something which flies ie a paper dart.

4. How many time can a pair of Beavers throw and catch a ball in the allotted time?

5. Stand in a space, with eyes closed and guess when 30 seconds or one minute has passed. When they think the time has passed they sit down. Who was the nearest?

6. Ask the Beavers to tell the time using both digital and analogue time pieces or machines. Move them to different times.



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