Candle Lighting Challenge

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Lighting a candle 3-4 yds away by striking a match at a distance


House brick (1 per patrol)
Candle or nightlight (1 per patrol)
Scout staves or bamboo canes
Elastic bands and/or rope
To make the challenge a more difficult use fixed length resources as follows:
4 Stave of no more than a half of the length of the distance between the patrol and candle.
Three lengths of rope/string, at 30 cm each.
Three lengths of duct tape, at 30 cm each.
Four elastic bands (or as many as you have staves)


Place house bricks on the floor about position 3-4 yards away from each patrol.
Place the candle (tea light) next to the brick.

Each patrol has to use the staves to construct something to be able to strike the match from a distance and light the candle. First patrol to light the candle wins.


  • candles
  • Matches
  • Problem solving
  • teamwork

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