Scout Promise & Law Explanation and Game

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Explanation of each line of Promise and Law to Scouts for benefit of new scouts folllowed by game


1 copy of the Promise and Law sliced up per patrol (as in attached document)[optionally laminated], blu tack,


After the flag break at which the Law will be read get each patrol to in turn very briefly state what they understand the meaning is of each line of the Promise and then the Law correcting any misunderstandings.
Optionally write them up on a white board or sheets of paper.
Then with the scouts in their patrols all up one end of the hall, place 11 pieces of blu tack on the wall at the opposite end per patrol (you could also stand a table upright to act as a wall). A mixed up set of the sliced pieces of the law and promise get placed in between the patrol and the opposite wall.
The first scout in each patrol then has run up to the pile, grab one line and run onto the wall placing it on to the blu tack piece in the order in which it should be (Promise first then Law).
The first scout then runs back to tag the next scout so he can run and grab the next line and place it on the wall and so on.
Later Scouts can rearrange the order if needed (which will of course delay them getting back)
The winners are the patrol back first with the right order.


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