Ladder Challenge

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A game to promote team work (stolen from an activity center).


1/2 straight ladder(s), assorted items that can act as obstacles or islands.



Get the participants to layout islands (flat areas either marked out using rope around the edge or boards to stand on) spaced so that the ladders can be laid between them. Obstacles including balance beams (made out of two a-frames with a pole between them), spider's web (rope arranged so that the lader has to go through and participants have to climb through without touching the ladder) can be built.

Rough rules:
- Try to keep the ladder no more than 50cm off the ground to avoid injury should someone fall off.
- Wear appropriate safety equipment, this could include helmets.
- Participants should have three points of contact with the ladder at any one time.
- You may want an adult standing on one end of the ladder to avoid the ladder tipping.

Add an additional dimension by getting the teams to carry a bucket of water with them (I preferred this to a timed/race situation).


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