Countryside code

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Learn about the countryside code as part of Outdoor Challenge and upcoming outdoor activities


Printed Leaflet
Access to internet for video - If Scouting from home.


In Scout Patrol provide leaflets with the countryside code of conduct, each patrol must understand countryside code, notes can be written down in their note pads for own personal reminders. Give them 20 minutes to read over and discuss.
After time is up collect all leaflets,
Each Patrol is quizzed on Countryside code and must work as a team to provide answers, and write down their answers. At the end the leader of n charge will look at patrols answers and provide feedback if required they may let patrol know what they have missed to help with retaining knowledge.


  • camp
  • countryside code
  • Litter
  • respect
  • surroundings
  • the great indoors
  • walk

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