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running game




-Split players into two equal teams and each team into pairs - tallest to shortest.
-Two teams line up in their pairs on either side of the playing area.
-The pairs then face each other and sit down so that with legs out straight, the feet of each pair are touching. leave a good amount of space between pairs.
-Both teams are therefore now parallel to each other, resembling two ladders laying on the ground.
-Both teams now number off, so that each pair has a number.
-When a number is called, the pair jump up run down the ladder towards the tallest pair, stepping over all the legs of their team on the way, then running the length of the ladder to the top and back down over the remaining legs, to their original place.
-When the teams get use to going one pair at a time, call several numbers in quick succession and watch the confusion.

Safety: no hands on the floor and make sure feet together and legs stretched out at all times. No tripping.


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