Burn the House down

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Over two meetings Scouts have to construct a cardboard house then light a fire and burn their house observing how long it takes to burn.


Large cardboard boxes,
cereal boxes to form 'rooms' within larger boxes,
scissors, glue, sellotape etc,
fire pits
wood, matches, fire lighting equipment
drink making equipment and ingredients, marshmallows and skewers


Meeting one: Discuss the message that we should shut doors and windows at night to prevent the spread of fire. Explain we are going to test this by making houses (one per patrol approx). Explain Scouts can makes as many rooms and cut as many doors and windows in it as they wish. It works best if the houses are as different as possible so don't hurry slow groups or remind ferverent window cutters of the message).
Meeting two: At a suitable location build and light fires capable of burning the houses made. Place houses on fire. Serve hot drinks and marshmallows to toast whilst houses burn. Discuss time differences between each patrols houses. (There is usually a group that goes over board and made loads of windows and another that didn't finish in time and has virtually none. This second group's house should outlast all others whilst the first should burn the quickest. It really works!)


  • bonfire night
  • construction
  • creative
  • fire lighting
  • Fire Safety
  • teamwork

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