Photograph Map

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Walk through local area poniting out key features and photographing them then using the photogrpahs to create a map


Cameras + cables, street maps, clipboards, pencils, additional adults, light evening, large sheets of paper, felt tips, glue.


Divide the pack into sixes, each with 2 of CSLs, ACSL's, PH's, YL's. Each six is allocated an area of the local village to walk through. During this walk, they should each point out and photograph key local features. The location of the key features should be marked onto the six's map for reference during step 2. Photographs should be uploaded to a suitable laptop for later printing. Once printed, the cubs should, using large sheets of paper, draw and illustrate the streets they walked along and stick the photographs onto the correct locations. Interesting or humourous notes can be added.


  • local knowledge
  • mapmaking
  • photography

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