Olympic Promise torch

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To learn about the link between values of Scouting and the Olympic Games


paper, scissors , glue, red and yellow paper cut out in to flames.


: Make your own Olympic promise torch as a symbol of what your stand for. As you stick each flame onto the torch, discuss the part of the promise it stands for. I Promise – chat about what a promise is and what it means to make one, why a promise is important.
To do my best – This links strongly to the Olympics but how do Cubs do their best in their daily lives.
To do my duty to God and the Queen – Chat about how their promise helps them to look after their country and does it have an impact on their values and beliefs
To help Other people – chat about how they have used their promise to help other people.
To keep the Cub Scout Law – Summarise the conversations so far and relate to Cub Law.
this can be shown to other in a scouts own.


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