Table Football

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Soft ball
4 tables



- Position 1 table in each corner of your meeting place on its side with the flat surfaces facing the centre
of the room
- Divide the players into 4 teams and get each team to stand behind one of the tables - this table is now their goal
- Give each team member a number (Getting the teams to number by height order usually results in fairer matches!)
- Place a soft football in the middle of the meeting place


- A Leader now calls a number
- All the players who were given that number run out and try to kick the ball against any table (goal) other than their own, while defending their own table (goal)
- When a goal is scored in a players goal they leave the play until there is only one player left who will earn a point for their team
- The last player returns to behind their table and another number is called


- Players not playing must stay behind the table
- Players not playing must not interfere with the ball or try and save goals
- If no goal is scored after 60 seconds give a 10 second count down and time out


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