Table Football

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Soft ball – large, 4 tables


- Position 4 tables on their sides with their flat surfaces facing the centre
of the room
- Put one in each corner of your meeting place with space behind for a
team to stand in
- Divide the Scouts into 4 teams and number each member of the
- Each team stands behind a table.
- Place a soft football in the middle of the meeting place
- A Leader now calls a number
- All the Scouts who were given that number run out and try to kick
the ball against any table than their own, while defending their own table
- When one person is left the Leader will award one
point to the successful team
- The players return behind the tables and another number is called

Each team member has to
be behind the table not at the sides.
Keep the numbers changing quickly
- no goal is scored after 60 seconds
give a 10 second count out & time


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