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Part of scientist badge to measure and discuss pulse

Tell the Cubs that they can tell how fast their heart is beating by taking their pulse. Ask if any of them knows how to take their pulse and then make sure that they all understand what they are doing – some will struggle with this!
Explain that everyone has a slightly different pulse rate, but that their pulse rate should be somewhere between 60 and 110 beats per minute.


A watch, paper, pen.


Get cubs to sit and find their pulse while relatively calm, discuss what a pulse is (a measure of the rate the heart beats) and why it might get faster or slower. Sit for one minute and measure their pulse (normal person should be between 70 and 100 beats per minute).

Get the cubs to do star jumps for a minute and then immediately measure pulse again for one minute. During exercise the cells demand more oxygen so the heart needs to beat faster to provide the fresh blood that the cells need. Discuss this in more detail..

If time permits, ge the Cubs the sit still for 5 minutes and measure the pulse again.

Discuss the differences.


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