How it works - Creative and Experimental Activities

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Four groups of experimental activities for Beavers to learn some basic physics concepts


Pinhole camera and strong light
Random small objects for friction test
Plasma globe
Paper cups/Tins and some string


Set up four tables with the following experiments
1) Pinhole camera with objects to view and a strong light. A pinhole camera can be very easily made with instructions found on the internet (
2) Table with objects just lying on it. Beavers can rub them against the table or spin them and see how friction affects things
3) Plasma globe to just play with and try to understand the electrics/charge.
4) Make Paper cup telephones with cups/tins and some string.

These are very basic activities but each table will require a grown up helper to control and explain the concepts. Keep times to a maximum of 5 mins per table and then rotate until each group has completed all activities.


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