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High energy game for outside or in


4 bean bags


- Place four chairs at the corners of an imaginary square, facing towards the square's centre
- Split the Section into four teams, giving each team member a number
- Each team is allocated a chair and line up behind it in number order. If teams are unequal, some young people can have more than one number.
- Read out the rules, as follows:
When you hear your number called you can try to get three bean-bags on to your team's chair
You must have one hand behind your back at all times
You can only carry one bean bag at any time and can steal a bean bag from another team's chair
No-one is allowed to touch the chairs. If a bean bag is thrown to a chair and falls off, it is thrown into the middle

- When everyone understands the rules, throw four bean-bags into the centre of the square and call out a number
- The winner is the first Young Person to get three bean bags onto their chair
- Throw more bean-bags into the middle during the game.
- When a team gets 3 bean bags on their chair, blow a whistle


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