Wide Game 123

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Classic 1-2-3 game


None (whistle optional)


Select a base that is out in the open. Select someone to be "it" and they count out load to 20 while all the others hide. Once the time is up, the scout who is "it" must move away from the base and must not defend it. She or he must go out to find the other scouts. In the meantime the scouts try to sneak back to the base without being seen. If they manage to touch the base they shout "1-2-3 I see he" and they are now safe till the end of the game. If the Scout who is "it" sees another scout she/he can run back to the base and, if they get there first, they touch the base and shout "1-2-3 I see {name of scout}" The named scout is then out and has lost the game along with anyone else who is named in this way.

We introduced a 5 minute time limit to this game so that early winners were not hanging around in the cold for long and then ran repeat games with a different "it" each time. We blew a 60 second whistle warning to get the scouts to try harder to make it to the base and then a final whistle. Anyone not on the base by then was out.


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