Blind Cooking

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Purchase a variety of tinned foods, remove the labels, split unit into teams of 4 explorers, each team selects 5 or 6 tins, teams have to produce a 2 or 3 course meal with the contents of the tins


variety of tinned foods, 5 or 6 per team, (we used all value range items so 26 tins cost just over £10). Score sheet 1 per explorer.


purchase a range of tins, we had 4 teams so purchased 4 tins of protein (hot dogs meat balls etc) 8 tins of veg (peas carrots toms etc) 4 tins of carbs (spuds spaghetti etc) and 8 sweet tins (fruit rice pud etc).
Mark each of the tins with a marker pen P=protein V=veg C=carbs S=sweet. each team could choose 1P, 2V, 1C and 2S, this gave some control of the ingredients and gave the explorers a reasonable chance of making something fairly edible. You may wish to not bother and use the tins totally randomly.
Remove the labels from all the tins.
The teams select their 6 tins, are given a 2 burner stove, a couple of pans and utentials etc, and are told to produce the best 2 or 3 course meal they can with the ingredients.

Once complete the dishes are layed out on a table and each explorer tastes the other team's dishes, they score them out of 10 on 3 or 4 different criteria, which can be anything you choose.
e.g. we used 1) flavour 2) presentation 3) imaginative use of ingedients 4) would I make this at home.
Highest scoring team wins.

Please note cooking and sampling time about 60 mins, but allow plenty of time for clearing up.


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