Food Safety

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For Scouts 'Camp Cook' and 'Chef' badges, link food types and storage conditions


Just printed sheets, or you can make it fancier with cards and coloured string/wool


Based on a sheet like the one attached.
In the simple case, give out this sheet either one each, or in pairs. (You might need to print it out as A3 paper - it's quite small print otherwise!)
The sheet has a list of foods on the left, and a series of columns headed with :
- 'where do you store it?' with options of: fridge/coolbox; freezer; shelf; somewhere cool;
- 'anything special about where you store it?' with options of: in the dark; keep it separate from other things; anywhere you like that's dry;
- 'do you need to cook it?' with options of: yes; no; and maybe;
- 'how do you serve it?' with options of: keep it hot until it is dished up; keep it cold until it is dished up; serve it as it comes;
- 'what do you do with leftovers?' with options of: discard them; keep them in the fridge; wrap them up and put them back where they came from;

The idea is that the Scouts draw a line from the food, through the boxes for the relevant options.
Then when they have finished, you need to talk about it.

Some of the answers will depend on what people understand by the different terms.
For example, let's take a raw chicken.
The line would go through -> store it in the fridge -> keep it separate from other foods -> 'yes' it must be cooked -> keep it hot until it is served
Then it gets interesting! If it was a whole roast chicken, you might want to keep a leftover leg or breast in the fridge for tomorrow's lunch, but if it was a chicken casserole, then you would probably discard it.
So the discussion at the end is important to make sure people know what they are doing.

Some points -
the 'keep it in the dark' box, would be used for potatoes and most other vegetables, to stop them going green
tinned food doesn't need to be cooked - as it is sterilised in the cannery, so yes, no and maybe are all OK answers for that one - but talk about it!

The more active game would be to have the 'food storage' boxes written up on large cards pinned on a noticeboard, and the 'food type' cards loose, with long strings attached. A Scout would pick a food card from a pile without knowing what it was, then have to pin it up on the left-hand-side of the noticeboard. They then stretch the string and pin it to each proper food storage card in turn. If you use different coloured string or wool, it will make it easy to see where each line goes.


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