Swimming Badge 2

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Attend Swimming Pool and complete Swimming Stage Badge 2




Ensure lifeguards are in attendance and give talk on water safety to children
Swimmer 2

Complete the following:
1 Safety & Warm up
Know the values of completing a warm up
Know the safety rules and where it is safe to swim locally.

2 Enter pool

Demonstrate a controlled entry or dive from the side of the pool, into at least 1.5 metres of water.
3 Short swim

Swim ten metres on your front, ten metres on your back, and ten metres on your back using only your legs.
4 Tread water

Tread water for three minutes in a vertical position.
5 Water skills

Surface dive into at least 1.5 metres of water and touch the bottom with both hands.

Mushroom float for ten seconds.

Enter the pool and push off from the side on your front and glide for five metres.

From the side of the pool, push off on your back and glide for as far as possible.
6 Distance swim

Swim 100 metres without stopping.
7 Swimming activity

Take part in an organised swimming activity.


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