Nuclear Clean-Up

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Objective is to move a bin of nuclear waste, keeping safe distances, to a safe zone where it can be neutralized.


Bin half full of water, 4 wooden poles, rope, people


Setup, break into teams of 4-6 scouts (or depending on how many buckets you have, but ideally need 4 scouts min).
Set up bins with a circle (no entry zone) around them that is shorter than one pole.
Each team will have 1 bin of nuclear waste, 4 titanium rods (poles), and two ropes.

We have been tasked as part of a nuclear clean up team to move two barrels of waste, to a safe zone where they can be neutralized.
We have no protective equipment available, so the only safe way to remove the waste is to keep our distance.
Time is of the essence as the barrels are leaking and becoming more dangerous.

They can only touch the barrel with the titanium rods and rope.
No one can step inside the circle. PENALTY they are out.
Nothing must touch the floor inside the circle. PENALTY equipment removed
Once the barrel has left the circle it may not touch the ground until in the safe zone. PENALTY the whole team returns to the start.
Once the barrel has moved, no one can get closer than the people lifting. PENALTY they are out.
10 mins planning time.
30 mins to get barrel to safe zone PENALTY DEATH!!!

INSTRUCTORS - To make it harder, kill off the first leaders so that the team has to run leaderless.

Lash the poles together to make 2 long ones. One person either end of pole. Knots have to be good to take the weight. SHorter poles or bigger circle = harder.


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