Nautical Sedan Chair Race

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Patrols build Sedan Chairs and then blindfold race around a buoyage course instructed by their captain (patrol leader)


Pioneering Poles, Rope, Red and Green Cones


Patrol leader is not to physically help in the construction. They are to instruct their patrol to build the sedan chair of their design, telling them where to tie poles and how without physically doing it.
While chairs are being constructed, a leader sets up a buoyage course outside.
Once chairs are constructed, they are taken outside and 'moored' up to begin the course. If required walk the patrol leaders through the course.
Blindfold all of the patrol except for the patrol leader who will be ride the sedan chair while being carried by his blind patrol.
Time each patrol around the course while being navigated by their patrol leader. Give penalties for each cone they hit.

For even more entertainment, suspend a bucket of water over the top of each sedan chair (above the patrol leader) giving extra points for how much water remains at the end of the course.


  • buoyage
  • Nautical skills
  • patrol
  • pioneering
  • race
  • Sedan Chair

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