Map Symbol Run Around

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Similar to North, East, South, West where the Cubs have to run to the map symbol called out by the leader. Good starting game for an evening of map reading


Pictures of map symbols with and without the names of the symbols


Stick the map symbols on the wall around the scout hut. Start with the symbols with the names on them so they get to know what each symbol is called.
Shout out the name of a map symbol and the Cubs run over to the section of wall where that symbol is.
When they get the hang of the names, replace the symbols on the wall with either different symbols or the same ones but without the symbol names. We mixed them up the second time around so they couldn't just run to the wall where they remember 'camp site' was.
Whomever is last to get to the correct map symbol is out and they sit out for 3-4 rounds before letting them back in.


  • map reading
  • map symbols
  • OS key or legend

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