True / False quiz - China

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Scouts asked questions - run to True or False marker




The quiz is as follows. It's an eliminator - the last 5 in get to choose a chinese hat from the hat box:

Chinese flag is red with yellow stars - TRUE
Capital city is Hong Kong - FALSE (Beijing)
Population is nearly 1.3million FALSE nearly 1.3 Billion
Main language of China is Cantonese FALSE Some Cantonese is spoken but Mandarin is the main language
China has the largest landmass of any country FALSE
China has the 4th largest landmass FALSE It's 3rd behind Russia & Canada
China's sea border is the Indian Ocean FALSE It's the Pacific
China's national animal is the dragon FALSE It's the Panda
China's climate is wholely tropical FALSE It's tropical in the south right up to sub-arctic in the north
China has more people than the USA, UK and Germany combined - TRUE China has 21 times the UK population
China's religion is mainly Buddhism TRUE
The average wage is £15 per day TRUE UK average wage is £100 per day
GDP Growth is 10% per annum TRUE
China invented gunpowder TRUE
China invented electricity FALSE
China invented Papermaking before the birth of Christ TRUE


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