Grand Howl & Inspection

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A welcome at the beginning of the night.


Leaders & Cubs, prepared flag for flag break.


Call: "Pack, Pack, Pack". The Cubs should respond with "PACK!" and get into their sixes. Once in line (give them a minute to sort themselves out) and then move onto the inspection.

Inspection - Are they neat and tidy? Are the badges sewn on in the correct place? Are their neckers the right way round, neat and at the correct length[the length of their hand]? Is their footwear clean?

Grand Howl - Choose "Duty Sixer [it is in rotation], then with three fingers on each hand use a sweeping motion with arms out at waist height, let your hands fall to the floor. The Cubs will squat and with duty sixer leading call: "AKELA, WE WILL DO OUR BEST!" they will stand up smartly, the duty sixer will then say:" Cubs, do your best!". Cubs will reply : "WE WILL DO OUR BEST'. the duty sixer and Akela then move over to the flag.

Flag Break. The flag should be already set up. The Sixer pulls the rope, the flag breaks and then s/he takes two steps back and smartly salutes the flag. ALL Scout members in uniform then salute the flag. When the duty sixes drops salute all drop the salute.

Notices - a brief outline of the evening and who is running the night.


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