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Mars Rover

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Blind folded search and recover game on a skateboard.


2 x Skateboard (Argos £4.50)
a number of items to collect
2 x Masks, Blacked out.


Split in to 2 Teams , USA and Russia.

Place the items randomly out in the play area.

Assign a safe area (your space ship) no one is able to move outside this area as there isn't any Oxygen and they Will Die.

Each member of the team takes it in turn to wear the Rover Suit (Mask) they lie on the Mars rover (Skate board) they take instruction from their team to collect and return a Martian artefact from the play area. Once returned the next player starts.

There is only 5 minutes Oxygen in the Rover Suit. Once 5 minutes are up the game stops. Any player not in the space ship dies.

Leaders can act as obstacles.

Play a few games so everyone has a chance to play the Rover.


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