Making a Christingle

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Making a Christingle to Celebrate Christmas


The orange represents the world
The red ribbon indicates the love and blood of Christ
The dried fruits and sweets symbols of Gods creations
The lit candle symbolises Jesus, the light of the world


How to make a Christingle in four easy steps

Take an orange and fasten a piece of red tape or ribbon around the middle.
Cut a small cross in the top of the orange and lay a square of silver foil (75 mm/3" square) over it.
Place a wax candle on top of the foil and wedge it firmly into the orange (the foil catches the hot wax).
Load four cocktail sticks with raisins, sultanas, cherries or soft sweets, so the points are covered. Insert them around the base of the candle.

Where to get your Christingle materials

Red tape and wax candles can be ordered free from The Children's Society.
Glow Candles can be used as a safer alternative to wax candles. They are available to buy from (username: church, password: candle) or by calling 01302 771 446 quoting 'glow candles'. They cost £15.98 for 50 (updated 06/11/18) and The Glow Company UK Ltd will donate 7.5% of the purchase price to The Children's Society.
the Children's Society are now working in association with fair trade pioneers Traidcraft who can supply fairly traded dried fruits and sweets to decorate your Christingles. Visit to find out more and support poor communities in the developing world through Christingle


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