First Aid - CPR

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Using Resusi-Annie to learn CPR


Resusi-Annie (with new lungs)
Alcohol Wipes


Teach CPR using Resusi-Annie.


D - Check for Danger to yourself - also shout for some help - ask them to call 999
R - Check for Response - tap on collar bone, speak into both ears, ask for a response e.g. saying "hello, can you hear me? My name's Bob, can you open your eyes/blink/move hand etc if you can hear me".
A - Check Airways. Open their mouth, remove any obstructions. Tilt their head back using two fingers on their chin and a hand on their forehead.
B - Check for Breathing - put your cheek close to their mouth/nose and you will feel if they are breathing. Also watch to see if their chest rises and falls.

If person is breathing, put them in the recovery position.

If they are not breathing:

Call 999 or get someone else to do it. (If you are on your own, phone 999 before starting compressions).

Push firmly downwards in the middle of the chest and then release. These are call chest compressions. This keeps the blood pumping around their body and helps keep the vital organs including the brain alive.
Push at a rate of 100 compressions per minute until help arrives (Bee Gees "Staying Alive", or Nelly the Elephant are good songs to use to keep the compressions at about the right rate)

If you feel able, you can combine chest compressions with breathing into their mouth or nose. However, chest compressions is the most important because their blood will already have some oxygen in it and the compressions will keep that blood pumping around the body taking oxygen to their brain.

Breathing into their mouth or nose tops up the oxygen in their lungs. The combination of continuous cycles of 30 chest compressions followed by 2 breaths is called CPR - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

Give 2 steady breaths into their mouth or nose. Seal your mouth over either their mouth or nose, closing the other and blow air into them with two steady breaths. (On a baby under 1 year old you need to seal your mouth around both their nose and mouth, because their faces are much smaller!


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