james bond

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Cubs work as a six against other sixes to work through several missions


codes, fingerprint paint, balloons, string, pens, pencils, badge making equipment


Cubs are to pretend they are spies trying to escape from enemy territory with a secret code. The leaders are Agents each with code names (Agent R, Agent A etc). Each six is given a mission card detailing their challenge. Once their challenge is completed, the card states which Agent (leader) to report to with the solution to their mission. If they have correctly solved the mission they are granted a new mission, if not they must continue until they crack it. The winning six is the one who completes all missions and escapes!
Missions include:finger printing for ID; creating a spy card; code breaking; escaping through a piece of paper; creating a balloon rocket.
Attached document contains mission statements to be given to sixes. Missions are staggered with different code words to prevent more than one six doing the same mission at the same time, and from copying others by repeating code words that will be invalid for their six. There's a timetable for the leaders to assist them in keeping up with what the next mission will be for each six.


  • spy adventure

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