Fool Ball

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Fool Ball elimination game of catch


Soft ball - large


- Arrange the young people to form a circle with their hands clasped behind their
- One young person is the 'fooler', He/she stands in the centre of the circle with the
- The fooler tries to fool the other young people by faking a throw at them
- If one moves his/her hands on a fake throw, or misses a catch on a real throw,
he/she leaves the circle to answer a question on a topic chosen for the meeting (see attached for ideas or you
can ask questions of your own)
- Change the fooler frequently, perhaps after failing to fool three players. The last
player would take his/her place
- You can also make it an elimination game by eliminating those that do not get the
question right

Questions can be on any relevant theme. Eg Climate Change (now in the uploads - taken from POL)


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  • climate change
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  • Islam

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