Water Transfer

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A team-working challenge to transfer water across an obstacle


Bamboo canes, string, elastic bands, a plastic cup per team, a bucket or large billy per team, water, a jug or similar means of measuring the transferred water


The story is that one half of the Patrol has been stranded on one side of an obstacle (canyon, crocodile invested river etc) without a water supply. The other half of the Patrol have to engineer a means of transferring water to across this obstacle to prevent their friends from dying of thirst. Each Patrol has a supply of bamboo canes, one plastic cup, one container to store the transferred water, string and elastic bands. Mark out the obstacle on the floor. No-one is allowed to cross from one side to the other once the Patrol has been split up, and all the equipment starts on one side of the obstacle. Run as a fixed time activity, the winning team is the team that gets most water from one side to the other.
It can be scaled up and run as an outdoor activity, using pioneering poles, buckets and maybe a natural obstacle (a real river!)


  • #pioneering
  • Building bridges
  • creative
  • Water activities

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