Red Light, Green Light

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Sneaking up game


Players, space


Choose one person to be the "traffic light." All the other players are "Cars." Mark a starting line. Have the traffic light stand opposite the starting line a distance away - closer for younger kids, further for older kids or to make the game last longer. Begin the game when the traffic light turns around, facing away from the starting line, and calls, "Green light!" This means all cars can go, moving at a walk toward the traffic light in order to tag it. Run when the traffic light, still facing away from the starting line, calls "Yellow light!" Stop fast when the traffic light calls "Red light!" and whirls around, trying to catch Cars in the act of moving. Lose your turn and sit out if the traffic light says, "I saw you move!" This aspect of the game requires honesty by both players, which is reinforced by the other Cars watching. Win if you tag the traffic light first. Then you get to be traffic light for the next game. The traffic light wins if it gets all the Cars out before they can tag it.


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