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Four laid trails take different routes around the village with written and visual clues for the Beavers to find and solve. All trail lead to the treasure in the park. Needs to be prepared in advance!


One map route for each lodge - we have four. Each route asks questions ( around 10 each)about the environs eg. how many gnomes at number 12, where does the bus go to etc. Beaver icon pictures (5 per route plus 1 Golden beaver which every route passes but is in an out of the way place) to be placed en-route in house windows, in shop windows, in parked cars. Treasure.


Each route has the same number of questions. All start at the same point and finish up in somewhere convenient like the park or back at the hut. Each lodge group and leader follows their mapped route answering the questions and spotting the Beaver icons along the way. The leaders can discuss the street scene adding in any relevant info - history, how to cross the road safely, how to phone 999 from a call box, where to doctors surgery is, how many gnomes there are in number 12s garden. We use a mix of serious and silly questions. Each group will end up in the same place and then it's a race to find the treasure. Marks can be given for correct answers and how many icons they spotted.


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