Kenya, Water, Sanitation & Water Aid

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Learn about another country & a global issue for the Global Challenge badge


Flipchart paper
10L water containers or large bowls


Ask troop to draw world map & mark on kenya & equator. Then ask them to draw map of kenya & marl on ocean, bordering countries, capital any significant geographical features. Show maps. Ask to write down what they think of when they think of kenya. Show photos of different landscapes in kenya.
Talk about scouting in kenya, similarities & differences. Talk about BP grave & show photo.
Ask Scouts what they think life expectancy in Kenya is & why it might be different to UK. Talk about need for sanitation & water. Watch Water aid video 1 ( to download & reinsert if not showing in .ppt). Then talk about Water Aid's work & watch water aid video 2 ( to download & reinsert if not showing in .ppt).
Ask Scouts to think about if they would like to raise funds for Water Aid & how they would like to do it.


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