Fake Wounds

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Recipe for creating realistic looking wounds.


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For fake skin:

1 cup of water
1 cup of flour
pinch of salt
1tbl spoon of oil

Mix it all into a pan..
You can then add things like coffee granules to change the skin tone.
Heat it all, stirring it all the time, if you don't stir it, it will go terribly wrong! keep on doing it until it's dough like.
Allow it to cool and then 'kneed' it until it's the right consistency, and then put in a container.

To make realistic wounds, take a little of the playdough/fake skin and put it on your arm, or wherever, then with wet your fingers and smooth it out. Then take something like a key and make an incision in the fake skin, and drip some fake blood in it. You could also break up a plastic cup to use as fake glass to put in the wound.

Fake blood:

Golden syrup
Custard powder mixed with a bit of water
Red food colouring

Mic them together and heat.

Update: Kingfisher Cubs 11/10/2012
We used Vaseline and fine tissue paper (3 ply tissues, split) for the fake skin, and fake blood from a costume shop ( although you can use poster paint mixed with a little syrup )

Update: 20/1/15
Added an attachment from Girl Guides Magazine (2004) with an alternative solution for making blood and wounds. Very easy to make.


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