Halloween games

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Traditional Halloween Games : apple bobbing , doughnuts on strings (blindfolded), sweets in flour.


Large tarp/s for hut floor
Small apples
Baby-bath full of water
Towel/s for wiping faces and hands
Baking tray
Sweets (mini-marshmallows) to hide in flour
Cocktail sticks
String (to tie them to washing lines already in the hall)
Blindfolds / scarves
CAMERA ! ! !


Bobbing for apples : baby bath on floor (on tarp), Scouts kneeling with hands behind backs, catch apple in teeth. Two at a time probably.

Sweets in flour : tarp on floor, metal baking tray/s with flour to cover hidden marshmallows, one cocktail stick per Scout, form a queue, one at a time Scouts get 5 goes to spear a marshmallow, eat it if they get one (but still have 5 goes - so could get 5 !!), join end of queue again for another 5 goes.

Mini-doughnuts : tarp under washing line, doughnuts strung evenly along line at about 'mouth level' so Scouts can see them, all Scouts blind-folded, lined up facing doughnuts, hands behind backs, then some of the Leaders move the doughnuts around a bit into small groups along the line, Ready-steady-go, Scouts grapple for doughnuts.

RISK ASSESSMENT : wet/slippery floor : choking via apples or doughnuts : tripping on tarps (esp when blindfolded) : check no allergies to apples, flour, doughnuts, marshmallows etc. NB vegetarians/vegans may not be allowed marshmallows.


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