Assessing at the scene of an accident

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Setting up a scenario for traffic accident to test or practice 'know what to do at the scene of an accident'


Masking tape
4 chairs
1 x 6ft table
1st Aid kit with 'practice' contents (i.e. out of date real stuff)
Dummy mobile phone


Scenario (to be read or handed to Scouts)

There has been an RTA (road traffic accident) on the ‘Whatever’ Road (A??) in ‘Anywhere’. A family saloon car coming onto the road from ‘Any’ Road has turned right towards ‘Somewhere’ and been hit in the near-side (side usually nearest the pavement) by a lorry travelling towards ‘Somewhere’. The car has been pushed along the road and is badly dented. The lorry is hardly damaged. There are heavy tyre marks from the lorry on the road, showing where the driver braked. It is a dry, cloudy day with average temperature for May and it is 2.00 pm.
Three people were travelling in the car. All were wearing seat belts. The driver’s air-bag has deployed. There was no air bag on the passenger side.
The lorry driver was on his own in the cab.
The car is in the middle of the road. The lorry is turned slightly towards the pavement. The cab door of the lorry is open on the side nearest the road.
Traffic is getting by on both sides of the road, going around the crash scene.
There is a small crowd of onlookers, one of whom is flapping around shouting instructions.

Instructions for acting the scene

The 'actors' in the scene could be helpers, Leaders, Y.L's, OR members of one Patrol. All should be well briefed as to their injuries and probable actions.
If you have enough people, you could have the onlookers as 'actors'; if not it could be the Patrol which is going to deal with the situation.

Set up 4 chairs as the car (with a bit of a “dent”)
People should be in the driver’s seat, front passenger seat and rear passenger seat behind the driver.
The lorry driver should be by the car.

The car driver is conscious – struggling to get the door open – has a broken upper left arm which is very painful. He has been thrown towards the air-bag and then jolted back into the seat. His neck is hurting a bit.

The front seat passenger is conscious but is covered in blood from a head wound, it is oozing steadily. He seems to be squashed and trapped in the car. He is complaining that his left leg really hurts.

The back-seat passenger is just sitting and rubbing the place where the seat-belt has been. He has undone the belt.

The lorry driver looks grey and shocked. He is trying desperately to get the driver side door open but he is shaken and bruised.


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  • emergency aid 2/3
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