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Corn Experiment - what happens when corn kernels are heated to a high temperature


A popcorn machine (~£10 from Argos)
(or you can use a pan with a small amount of oil)
Popping corn - available from the larger super markets



Explain we are going to put corn Kernels into the popcorn machine.
Pass some corn Kernels around for them to look at.
What do they think will happen next.

The key points are:
- There is moisture inside the kernel which turns in to steam
- Starch inside the kernel which foams up and sets when it pops
- The hard shell surrounding the kernel which pops above a certain temperature

The Experiment:
Add kernels to the machine.
Watch them pop
Eat the results (Maybe add chocolate sauce)

Epilogue - if required ...

What would happen if the corn was heated only for 1/2 the amount of time.
What would happen if the corn was heated for more time . Will it pop again?


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