Rescue Relay

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Relay game, based on "rescuing" someone from a fire !




4 teams needed.
2 each end of hall, 1st Beavers runs up to 1st Beaver in the team at the other end of the hall and "rescues" him/her by dragging them to their team. The Beaver being rescued must sit down, the rescuer then drags them either under the arms or by their feet. 2nd Beaver then goes and rescues the 2nd Beaver in the other team and so on.
It helps if the rescued Beavers is dragged to the back of the team, also look out for small Beavers having to drag bigger Beavers and give them a hand.
Then swap Rescuers and Rescuees.
Watch out if your floor is wooden in case of splinters.
Our Beavers love this and want to do it again and again


  • emergency
  • accident actions
  • Home Safety

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