Office Chair Olympics

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A series of fun games using office chairs. This has absolutely no educational content to it - just a great fun night!


Office chairs (spinny ones on wheels)
Empty bottles
Bean bags


All these activities use two teams. We have four patrols, and did these activities with 2 patrols just watching/cheering - as long as the games are sort enough, it works.

We did two semi-finals, then a final, for each activity.


Draw series of circles on the floor with chalk. Smallest circle in the middle is 50 points, then 5 circles getting bigger, 40,30,20,10 points.
One kid sits on the chair (purely for fun - no need to do this)
Another kid pushes first kid towards target. First kid gets off the chair, leaving it exactly where it was.

Next team repeats this. They can obviously aim at the first chair to move it out the way etc.

Repeat until everyone in the patrol has had a go, then count up the points for the chairs that still score.

Chair netball

Leader at either end to catch the ball being thrown at them (they're the net).
Kids on chairs.

Rules - the ball MUST be thrown to each member of the team before it is thrown to the leader to catch and score.


Split your hall into two lanes using a line of normal non-office chairs.
Arrange a pyramid of 500ml bottles - we had 50 bottles per side.
Kid "bowls" one chair at the pyramid, the waiting patrol pick up the ones knocked over, and the kid bowls a second chair. Rotate until everyone's had a go.

You could do proper bowling scoring, or just count the number of bottles left up.

Make sure everyone has their eyes open while doing this - the chairs can be bowled pretty quickly and will hurt if you get in the way!

Dizzy shot-put
Very quick game this - small target on the floor, all the kids in one patrol on chairs, spin them for 10 seconds or so and stop them abruptly. They must throw a beanbag at the target.

Tug of war
We ran out of time - this may work!


In a line, the person behind grips the next person's chair with their knees. See video.


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