knot and wood picture frame

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make a 'bushcraft' picture frame using twigs, lashings and knots


sheets of paper, sturdy twigs, garden twine/string, glue, photo/pictures, hole punch


Make a rectangular frame about 2 cm bigger than the paper, using sturdy twigs square lashed together at the corners.
Hole punch each corner of the paper a decent way in, you may want to stain the paper using a tea bag prior to this to give it an aged look (make sure it dries before proceding)
Stick chosen photo/picture to the middle of the paper.
Using the string and any chosen knot (not a granny knot though!) secure the paper to the frame.
Use another length of string fastened to the top corners of the frame to suspend the picture.


  • craft
  • frame
  • knots and lashings
  • Pictures

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