Orange bird feeders

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Hanging bird feeders made in half an orange


Oranges - 1 orange per 2 cubs
Lard (room temperature - amount will depend on size of oranges, but each block should be enough for 4 cubs)
Bird seed/dried fruit/nuts
A bradawl or similar to make holes in orange
A knife to cut oranges


Halve the oranges, giving each cub a half each.
Using the spoons, cubs can scoop out (and eat) the orange flesh.
Leaders should spear 4 holes into the sides, spaced equally apart.
Thread 2 equal lengths (approx 30cm) of string through opposite holes, tying off to make it secure.
In the bowls, squish chopped up lard, seeds, fruit and nuts together with fingertips, adding more seeds etc until it all binds together.
Press into the orange halves, ensuring the string is kept free.
Take home and refrigerate overnight, then hang out for the birds to feast on.


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