Halloween Party/Games

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Halloween challenges.


* Halloween resource sheets
* All equipment as listed on games notes below (NOTE: You can tweak them as required and substitute food-types etc.)
* Prizes for winning Six plus a treat for everyone taking part


Cubs work in their Sixes all together for each game (Note: All expect the relay race can be done in 'stations' if you have enough adult helpers/leaders to supervise). They have up to 10 minutes to complete each activity. They earn points as they complete activities - the winning Six is the one with the most points at the end of the evening. Plus fancy dress (optional)

The Games: (You can tweak them as required substitute food-types etc.)

1. Zombie Brains!
- NEED: Jam donut per Cub, plates, stopwatch.
- Each Zombie (Cub) must eat the 'brain' (donut) without using their hands and without licking their lips! Team to do it in the fastest time wins 4 points, 2nd fastest 3 points, 3rd fastest 2 points, 4th fastest 1 point
(Gluten free needed)

2. Witches Cauldron.
- Need various letters of a halloween word cut up in a bowl (Along with blank pieces of paper cut up).
- Each cub must steal an ingredient from the Cauldron (Paper) and return to pack
- pack must work out the anagram
- first to collect the correct letters and shout out their word wins

3. Bone Crunch
- NEED: cream crackers, stopwatch, water for afterwards
- Cubs must eat 3 cream crackers (bones) without taking a drink - team to do it in the fastest time wins 4 points, 2nd fastest 3 points, 3rd fastest 2 points, 4th fastest 1 point
(Gluten free needed)

4. Toppling Ghosts
- NEED: Marshmallows (Ghosts)
- Each team has to build the highest tower out of marshmallows - Cubs take it in turns to add a marshmallow to the tower, They have three attempts to get to the heighest! Leader keeps score of the number of marshmallows that have stacked BEFORE it collapses. 4 points for the team with the highest tower, then 3 etc...
(Vegan needed if eating)

5. Eyeball Race
- NEED: teaspoon per team, eyeball per Cub (bouncy ball eyeballs or sweet eyeballs), Neckers for blindfolds
- All Teams go together. Each team splits so one half is at one end of the hall, and the rest at the other. The first Cub to go is blindfolded and has to carry his/her eyeball on a spoon to a teammate opposite. They then swap blindfolds, spoon and eyeball and the team mate goes back the other way. Winning team gets 4 points etc. All Cubs get an eyeball to keep - HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

6. Apple bobbing
- Need bucket for each six and enough apples for cubs, also tea towel.
- relay race to get each apple out the bucket using mouth only.

7. Rescue the fish (Vegan) (use sour jelly fish sweets as vegan)
- using corn flour (as GF)
- put sweets in bowl and cover with corn flour, cubs have to run in relay to have a go at finding a fish using face only to retrieve. Once found (and eaten) a sweet return to back of line. First team to rescue all fish for their siz wins.

8. Donuts on a string
- using ring donuts tie them to a piece of string and hang from a bamboo cane above cubs heads.
- cubs stand or lie on their backs and using mouth only eat the donut.
- winner is first to finish their donuts.
(need GF), can do in sixes or as whole pack.

If additional time

6. Get the Pumpkin to the patch
- Need: drains/ Rope/ canes and tennis ball/ Ghourd (to act as a pretend pumpkin)
- Working in own six they must get the pumpkin to the patch (Bucket at end of hall) without touching pumpkin aka tennis ball or it touching the floor. (Using the pipes, rope and canes).
- First to get the pumpkin to the patch wins. (good team work challenge)

7. Catch the bat
- as a full pack catch the bat (bean bag bucketball, bean bag is the bat!)

8. Murder ball


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