Light Painting

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Use torches and long exposure photos to create pictures with light beams


torches, coloured film (or colour bottle tops), camera, tripod, completely dark room


Each patrol can create their own picture. Each scout will need a torch and something to colour the beam (the more different colours - the better the picture).
The scouts need to decide what picture the want to draw (eg a Christmas card scene with tree, snowman) -any letters need to be drawn backwards.
The camera needs to be set up on the tripod and set to a long exposure approx 45 seconds (with flash off).
The room needs to be completely dark (can be done outside depending on level of light pollution).
When the photo starts to shoot the scouts start to draw with the torches - the long exposure means all the time the torch is on comes out as a continuous line.
The resulting photo can then be used to make Christmas cards or art.
This activity can take as long as you like as the scouts will want to keep doing it.



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