Ladder Climb

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Ladder supported at the top with ropes is hel in place by the team while individuals climb up and over. There is no support at the base


Ladder (approc 15ft), lashings, safety rope, harnesses, helmet, appropriate branch to string up safety line.


Set up the safety line over a branch 20ft above the ground. No one is to climb ladder without being attached. Belay device or body belay is fine.

Tie 6 lashings to the top of the ladder (3 on either side), the team spread out and support the ladder by standing opposite each other.

Clip climber onto safety line with harness and karabina or double figure of eight. Ensure harness and helmet is properly fastened.

Ensure the team is ready, they will have to support the ladder between them (maybe appoint one as a co-ordinator to ensure everyone pulls on lashings properly.

After the first successful up and down the climbers may wish to jump from the top of the ladder, rather than climb down. Make sure belaying person is ready for this.


  • belaying
  • climbing
  • ladder
  • magic ladder
  • teamwork

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