Fire safety at home

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Teach Cubs about fire prevention at home, the importance of smoke alarms and fire escape plans


* Leader's fire safety sheets
* Hazards in the kitchen x 1 per Cub
* Smoke alarm quiz x 1 per Six
* Fire escape plans x 1 per Cub


Work through the sheets:
* 7-8 mins: Give the Cubs a few minutes to spot hazards then discuss them as a group
* 7-8 mins: Give the Cubs about 5 minutes to answer the smoke alarm questions in a Six and then run through the answers
* 10 mins: Help the Cubs to create their fire escape plan


  • Fire Safety
  • Personal Safety

Badge Links

  • Fire Safety - Detectors
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  • Fire Safety - Fire drill
  • Fire Safety - Smoke detectors
  • Safety - House Dangers