Together We Can Make A Difference

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Activity to demonstrate the uniqueness of us all and a nice thought/prayer




- Give each person a piece of paper. Ask them to fold it in half and in half again. Then in half so that they have a triangular shape
- Take hold of the thin corner and cut random shapes out of the rest
- Open it out – you should have a snowflake
- Read the reflection and then the prayer. You might ask different people to read different lines from the prayer

Snowflake Reflection

We are like snowflakes. In the whole world there isn't another person identical to you. Each one of us is special. Each one of us is unique.

When lots of individual snowflakes join together they forn snow. And snow can be moulded to form snowballs, snowmen, igloos and lots more. When we join together we can make a difference too.


I will do more than belong - I will participate
I will do more than care - I will help
I will do more than be fair - I will be kind
I will do more than dream - I will work
I will do more than teach - I will inspire
I will do more than earn - I will enrich
I will do more than give - I will serve
I will do more than live - I will grow
I will do more than be friendly - I will be a friend
I will build peace - I will build your kingdom


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