Light Trail

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Series of quotes, short stories shared with Scouts/Explorers during a short journey around area, at dusk or night, with candles/lanterns to add to ambience!


Famous quotes, sayings or stories


Important to set the scene before starting activity. The young people need to be in the right mood to be receptive to the quotes, and quiet and reflective to get the most out of the activity. It would be worth making sure they know this before you start.

I've run this activity around a small lake during a water activity camp, with leaders spacing themselves around the lake with lanterns.

The young people travelled around the lake in small groups of 4/5, going to each leader in turn and listening to the quotes etc.

At the end of the activity, the groups met up back at a small campfire, to hear BP's last message to his scouts, and finish the evening off.

I'm going to be using this as an opportunity to invest some new explorers into the unit and give out some badges that are owed.

I've not uploaded any files for this - you will probably want to use your own quotes, pitching them at different levels depending on the age of your young people, whether you want to put a spiritual/religious spin on the activity or not. As I said above, I'd recommend BP's last message though.


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