Map Reader

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A good session for teaching Map Reader badge

To gain this badge, Cub Scouts must complete the following:

Understand how to use the key of an Ordnance Survey map.

Be able to use six-figure grid references.

Explain how to find north on a map and how to set a map to north.

Locate your home and Pack meeting place on an Ordnance Survey or street map.

Understand contour lines on an Ordnance Survey map.

Be able to identify ten Ordnance Survey map symbols.

Use an Ordnance Survey map during an outdoor activity.

Know the first eight points of a compass and use them during an outdoor activity.


Compass's, Maps, Pencils, Paper, ruler for grid references


Use the attached cards to teach the badge work.

The games included are a good resource for teaching map reading, especially the map symbol bingo always goes down well with the cubs.

The Funny Town names is a good game to play, set one end of the hall to be true and the other false then read out some of the names, if the cubs get it wrong then they sit out of the game.

Corsham map does not relate to the original mapping quiz but a second quiz has been added using this map extract should you want to make use of it!


  • bearings
  • compass
  • Contour Lines
  • East
  • grid references
  • lost
  • Map reader
  • North
  • south
  • symbols
  • west

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